series 05, Episode 01
Air Date December 23/24, 2014
Previous Yverdon-les-Bains
Next None

Air Date Edit

The latest episode of Cabin Pressure, titled "Zurich" is an hour-long, two-part special, that aired on 23rd (Part 1) and 24th (Part 2) December 2014. "Zurich" was recorded on Sunday February 23, 2014.

Cast Spoilers Edit

This episode features guest stars Anthony Head as Hercules Shipwright, Timothy West as Gordon Shappey, as well as Matilda Ziegler as Princess Theresa.

Dan Tetsell also makes an appearance as Carl from Fitton ATC. This appearance makes him the first - and only - man to have played Carl twice throughout the series.

In addition, Jonathon Kydd and Gordon Kennedy both feature in this episode, although their roles are currently unknown.

Part 1 Plot Edit

The episode follows from the previous episode (Yverdon-les-Bains) with Martin eventually telling the cast that he got the job at Swiss Airways, though conflicted whether or not to take it. Carolyn resolves this by firing Martin and, by extension, Douglas leaving MJN Air without pilots and collapsing. Martin then gives Arthur his van for business. Douglas has a job interview for a newspaper air delivery company, though unhappy with the fact his fellow pilot would not be considering him as "captain". The crew then send G-ERTI to auction. The auction begins very dismally and then Martin starts bidding apparently to "drive the bidder up". Arthur's dad, Gordon Shappey, appears trying to win the plane off them. He starts bidding and Carolyn is conflicted whether to stop him or not. Arthur appears and is surprised to see is father. The bid ends up at £250,000 by Arthur. Martin, Carolyn and Arthur attempt to resolve this as Douglas tries to find out the motives behind Gordon's interest. They eventually sell the plane to the original bidder as Douglas tells them to cancel the sale.