Yellow car DAU

Yellow Car is a game that Arthur enjoys playing and it is the most played game in the show (appearing in four episodes).

How to playEdit

Douglas: And when you see a yellow car, you say 'Yellow Car'?

Arthur: How did you know?!

- Douglas and Arthur: Ottery St. Mary

The objective of the game is to say "Yellow Car" whenever the player sees a yellow car on the opposite side of the road. Variations of the game include saying "Camel Camel" when one sees a camel, because camels happen to be yellow. Other versions can also include the rule that yellow cars on your own side of the road also count.

In Lichtenstein, the King may give himself points when he sees a green truck or a black dog.


Series 3 Episode 4 "Ottery St. Mary" (First appearance)

Series 4 Episode 1 "Timbuktu"

Series 4 Episode 3 "Vaduz"