series 04, Episode 01
Air Date January 9 2013
Previous St. Petersburg
Next Uskerty

Plot Summary Edit

It's Birling Day again and Arthur is disappointed to hear that Mr. Birling is not flying this year as his home is actually closer to Twickenham than Fitton. However, upon return to the airfield, Mr. Birling is there waiting for them to fly him to Timbuktu, a place he first has to check of the existence of. His motive seemingly only to spite his "awful wife". Martin prepares to file a Flight plan but discovers that Mali is fighting a civil war and Timbuktu Airport is closed. Stuck with this seemingly unsolvable issue until Martin has the idea of flying him to a remote airfield on the Island of Corsica which to a drunk man will appear to be Timbuktu. Things don't go to plan but this Birling Day will prove to be different as it seems it could be the year Carolyn steals the Talisker form Douglas.