People Who Aren't Evil, But Who Have Evil-Sounding Names is a game that Martin and Douglas played on the extremely long and hence extremely boring flight from Hong Kong to Limerick. They were joined shortly after starting by Carolyn. This game is notable as one of the few occasions on which Martin manages to win something.

How to Play Edit

Similar to Brians of Britain, there is no external cue involved in the game. Players announce the names of people who are not evil, if it is agreed that the announced name sounds evil one point is awarded. It is worth noting that the standards are subjective (Douglas and Carolyn disagreeing over the eligibility of Calista Flockhart) and subject to conditional change (in order to score the winning point, Martin had to find a really evil-sounding name, one fit for "the super-villain") Unlike Brians of Britain, there is no necessity to take turns, Martin scoring 2 of his eventual 3 points before Douglas scored his first. Play continues for a redetermined time or until a predetermined point or score, in the case of Limerick it was for half an hour ending at 7 pm.

People Who Aren't Evil, But Whose Names Were Used For This Game Edit

  • Davina McCall
  • Agatha Christie
  • Russell Crowe
  • Evelyn Waugh
  • Hesten Blumenthal
  • Calista Flockhart*
  • Patek Philippe-
  • Rolex-
  • Omega-
  • Tag Heuer+

* indicates a name which was challenged and allowed

- indicates a name which was challenged and discarded

+ indicates the winning name

Appearances Edit

Season 2 episode 6 "Limerick