What you should know about me, though, is that I LIKE being toadied to, and I pay people to do it, so you won't be getting a sausage!

- Mr Birling

Mr Birling is a millionaire who frequently flies with MJN Air. He hires them to fly him to wherever the Six Nations Rugby Final is being held, an event referred to by Arthur as "Birling Day ".

Personality and traitsEdit

Mr Birling is, according to Carl, a "furious posh man" who is "very cross, very drunk." In all of his appearances, Mr Birling gets his way by being rude and overbearing. However, the crew endures Mr Birling's behaviour because he is a very generous tipper. Martin, unaware of how big Mr Birling's tips are, initially refused to accomodate him.

He is normally drunk during the flight due to requesting that the crew serve him expensive Talisker whisky. However, Douglas usually tries and manages to steal the whisky.

Personal lifeEdit

Mr Birling lives in an enormous house in Sussex, with his enormous pile of money and his enormous wife, though he refers to her as "awful".


Season 1 episode 5 - "Edinburgh" (first appearance)

Season 3 episode 2 - "Paris"

Season 4 episode 1 - "Timbuktu"

Behind the ScenesEdit

Mr Birling is played by English actor Geoffrey Whitehead.