Madame Szyszko-Bohusz
Avoid approaching her with blunt instruments, sharp knives, or hot liquids. Terrific. How am I supposed to serve her dinner?

- Carolyn

Madame Szyszko-Bohusz is a one time character who appears in series two's "Gdansk". She is a member of the orchestra that is travelling with MJN Air in the episode. She takes her name from Ulitsa Adolfa Szyszko-Bohusza, the name of a street in Kraków where John Finnemore lived when teaching English in Poland during his gap year.

Carolyn is warned before the flight that Madame Szyszko-Bohusz will be a difficult passenger as she is extremely paranoid and will think that somebody is trying to kill her.

She performs with a chamber orchestra, and performs as a basoonist, which she is very fanatical about, saying 'never am I separated from my bassoon'.

She constantly finds things to blame for trying to kill her, for example;

  • Salt on her cashew nuts was 'big and jagged' so she assumed it was broken glass
  • Someone had tampered with her arm-rests and she suspected they were spying on her
  • Since she had not seen Arthur before, she assumed he was dangerous
  • She suspected Goofy was an aeroplane safety code and she was in danger
  • She thought there was poison in the cheesecake after Arthur advised her not to order it

Behind the ScenesEdit

Madame Szysko-Bohusz is played by German actress Britta Gartner.