I'm gonna break it up for parts and sell the rest to scrap. Except for the tailfin. That I'm gonna ship back to England and hang above my mantelpiece. After, of course, I've resprayed it NYBJAMS - Not Your Bloody Jet Any More Sweetheart!

- Gordon

Gordon Shappey is the ex-husband of MJN Air CEO Carolyn and the father of Arthur Shappey. When divorcing Carolyn, she won his jet G-ERTI in the settlement and set up MJN Air to spite him, MJN being an acronym for My Jet Now.

Once a year he phones Carolyn and offers her a slowly decreasing amount of money to buy his plane back. He was once also willing to cover all of MJN's debts one year, but in future dealings, he had a change of heart.

According to Carolyn, Gordon is bald, and according to Arthur, he is 'alright', which Douglas and Martin take to mean 'awful'. Gordon does not drink, or at least he does not drink "cheap" gin.


Season 1 Episode 6 "Fitton" (mentioned only)

Season 3 Episode 6 "St. Petersburg" (first appearance)

Season 4 Episode 7 "Zurich part 1"

Season 4 Episode 8 "Zurich part 2"

Behind the ScenesEdit

Gordon is played by English actor Timothy West, who, interestingly, is bald as well. He is married to actress Prunella Scales, who plays Martin's mum.