'Allo, Golf Tango India. How's life on the magic roundabout?

- Carl

Carl is the Air Traffic Controller (ATC) at Fitton Airport who is always on duty when Martin and Douglas are also flying. He may be the only ATC at Fitton.

Personality and traitsEdit

Carl is somewhat casual in his duties, as Martin has to frequently tell him to use standard phraseology when he talks to them. This may be done on purpose, as he apprently has to put up with a lot of 'bellyaching' and other mischief from Martin and Douglas on usual days.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Carl is played by actors Ewan MacIntosh and Dan Tetsell, in addition to others.

In the interview with John Finnemore at the end of the CD Box set, he reveals that at first Carl was played by actors on set anyway; after a few times it was decided that a different actor would play Carl every time he was required