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―Arthur’s catchphrase

Arthur Shappey, played by the writer of the show, John Finnemore, is an airline steward who works for MJN Air.


"Here you are, chaps— erm... chap. Coffee for you, Douglas, and coffee for you... to... maybe have a bit later on... Douglas."
―Arthur, Ottery St. Mary

Passenger service is provided by Carolyn's excitable son, Arthur Shappey. Arthur, like Martin, always wanted to be a pilot, and, like Martin, was always told by everyone he'd never make it, and so, unlike Martin... he isn't one.

However, his Mum has let him be the steward, and his boundless enthusiasm for his new role is only matched by his boundless enthusiasm for pretty much everything else he ever sees or does. He's particularly delighted to be allowed to serve Martin and Douglas - in his unshakeable opinion the two greatest aviators to take to the skies since Wilbur and Orville.

Arthur is "twenty nine years old" according to Carolyn, when he asks if he can go to Devon (series 3, "Ottery St. Mary").

Arthur thinks everything and everyone is "brilliant", with the exception of his father who is simply "all right."